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Image of Certificate of Disembodiment from the army relating to David Henderson DUNIH 2018.29.1
DUNIH 2018.29.1
Certificate of Disembodiment on Demobilization from the army, issued to David F Henderson, after his..
Image of Photograph of jute stowers- Chic Findlay and unknown driver DUNIH 2018.28.25
DUNIH 2018.28.25
Photograph, black and white, of (l to r) Chic Findlay and an unknown driver next to a lorry used to ..
Image of Photograph of jute stowers DUNIH 2018.28.17
DUNIH 2018.28.17
Photograph, black and white, of (l to r) Peter Whyte, Bert Smith, Fred Kinnear, Dave Ramsay and unkn..
Image of ' A Short History of the English People' -Book part of Discovery 1901-1904 library DUNIH 2018.24.18
DUNIH 2018.24.18
Book, 'A Short History of the English People', by John Richard Green. Published by MacMilian..
Image of 'Pictorial Art' Book presented to Charles G.L. Phillips DUNIH 2018.17
DUNIH 2018.17
Book, 'Pictorial Art' by the Rev. R. St. John Tyrwhitt M.A., presented to Charles G.L. Phill..
Image of Postcard sent to William Kennedy's grandfather during WW1 DUNIH 2018.16.5
DUNIH 2018.16.5
Postcard, portrait, sent to Bill's grandfather, whilst Bill was at the front, wishing him a happ..
Image of Group Photograph of WW1 soldiers DUNIH 2018.16.3.4
DUNIH 2018.16.3.4
Photograph, landscape black and white, showing a group of soliders from World War I, all wearing cap..
Image of Photograph of William Kennedy in WW1 uniform DUNIH 2018.16.3.3
DUNIH 2018.16.3.3
Photograph, portrait black and white, of William Kennedy in uniform taken in Paris. Bottom is inscri..
Image of Photograph of William Kennedy in WW1 uniform DUNIH 2018.16.3.2
DUNIH 2018.16.3.2
Photograph, black and white, of a full length portrait image of William Kennedy in uniform with cap ..
Image of Postcard of William Kennedy in WW1 uniform DUNIH 2018.16.3.1
DUNIH 2018.16.3.1
Postcard, featuring portrait photograph of William Kennedy in uniform taken during his service in Wo..
Image of Hankerchief given to William Kennedy during WW I DUNIH 2018.16.1
DUNIH 2018.16.1
Handkerchief, silk, sent to soldiers at the front during World War I. Printed on pale yellow in red,..
Image of World War I Dog Tag relating to Thomas Whitfield DUNIH 2018.14
DUNIH 2018.14
Dog Tag, belonging to Thomas Whitfield and relating to his service during World War I. Whitfield has..
Image of 'Dundee Past and Present' Book presented by Dundee and District Mill and Factory Operatives Union DUNIH 2017.8
DUNIH 2017.8
Book, 'Dundee Past and Present' by William Kidd and Sons Publishers, Dundee (Second Edition ..
Image of Oil painting of Scottish Landscape by Charles Phillips DUNIH 2017.6
DUNIH 2017.6
Painting, oil of unknown Scottish landscape by Charles Gustav Phillips, a prolific Dundee artist. Ph..
Image of Telegram from Berg & Son to Grimond, 1st February 1915 DUNIH 2017.1.14
DUNIH 2017.1.14
Telegram from Berg & Son to "Grimond, Oakbank, Blairgowrie. 1 FE 15", dated 1st February 1915; advis..
Image of Contract relating to the job offer for Robert Middlemist, 12th July 1920 DUNIH 2016.11.40
DUNIH 2016.11.40
Letter including contract "between John Cargill for and on behalf of Managing Agents of Hukumchand J..
Image of Letter to J. T. Greig, 19th October 1920 DUNIH 2016.11.38
DUNIH 2016.11.38
Letter to J. T. Greig, Berks, dated 19th Ocotber 1920, engaging him "as Spinning Overseer" with Huku..
Image of Dog Tag belonging to Frank Plumley DUNIH 2016.30.33
DUNIH 2016.30.33
Dog tag, Frank Plumley's navy identification disc on neck cord. Thin metal disc stamped 'Blk..
Image of Royal Service Certificate - Frank Plumley DUNIH 2016.30.31
DUNIH 2016.30.31
Royal Navy Service Certificate for Frank Plumley. Documented on heavy paper, 4 pages long listing al..
Image of Sawfish Rostrum DUNIH 2016.30.25.2
DUNIH 2016.30.25.2
Rostrum, taken from a Common Sawfish (Pristis pristis). Possibly acquired during Frank Plumley time ..
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