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Image of Trade show display for National Cash Register (NCR) DUNIH 375.4
DUNIH 375.4
Photograph, black and white, of a trade show display relating to National Cash Register (NCR) produc..
Image of Muriel Whitecoss's "Wedding" DUNIH 372.3
DUNIH 372.3
Photograph, black and white, of Muriel Whitecross's (seen on the rigjht) mock "wedding" in1955, ..
Image of Photograph of Betty Robertson's mock "Wedding" DUNIH 372.2
DUNIH 372.2
Photograph, black and white, of Betty Robertsons mock wedding in 1954. The mill girls would often ho..
Image of Photograph of Norma Henderson's mock "Wedding" DUNIH 372.1
DUNIH 372.1
Photograph, black and white, of Norma Henderson's (seen here playing the accordian) mock "weddin..
Image of The Beezer Book DUNIH 25.1
DUNIH 25.1
Book, comic book annual entitled 'The Beezer Book', published by D.C. Thomson and Co. Ltd. D..
Image of Poem, price co-ordination, Neil Leitch. DUNIH 217
Poem, framed, re. price co-ordination, dedicated to Neil Leitch, on the occasion of his investiture ..
Image of Newspaper DUNIH 2009.49.6
DUNIH 2009.49.6
Supplement to the Dundee Courier entitled 'Transport'...
Image of Newspaper cutting DUNIH 2009.49.5
DUNIH 2009.49.5
Supplement to the Evening Telegraph 17-08-1966..
Image of Newspaper DUNIH 2009.49.4
DUNIH 2009.49.4
Supplement to the Evening Telegraph 16-08-1966. 'Tay Road Bridge Supplement'...
Image of Dundee&#39;s Crimean & Mutiny Volunteers DUNIH 2009.49.3
DUNIH 2009.49.3
Newspaper cutting: "People's Journal" supplement, entitled "Dundee's Crimean & Mutiny Volunt..
Image of Book DUNIH 2009.49.2
DUNIH 2009.49.2
Jute bound book called 'Do it at Dundee the story of opportunities offered by no mean city.'..
Image of Book DUNIH 2009.49.1
DUNIH 2009.49.1
Soft cover book with red lettering. Inside cover with hand-written inscription 'J S Fairweather&..
Image of Woman and two children DUNIH 2009.48
DUNIH 2009.48
Woman and two children from the 1920s. Sepia with part of studio photographs stamp embossed on botto..
Image of Military personnel DUNIH 2009.45
DUNIH 2009.45
Photograph of military personnel possibly during World War Two,..
Image of Dundee from Peacehill DUNIH 2009.40
DUNIH 2009.40
Painting, oil entitled ‘Dundee from Peacehill’ by Emma U Cooper, 2006. This work was in..
Image of Plan of the harbour of Dundee DUNIH 2009.17
DUNIH 2009.17
Plan of Dundee Harbour, Jan 1893. Published by 'John Bartholomew & Co' and 'The Edinburg..
Image of Ordnance Survey map of Dundee, 1952 DUNIH 2008.39.2
DUNIH 2008.39.2
Map, Ordnance Survey map showing part of Dundee including Caldrum Jute Spinning and Weaving Works, W..
Image of Map of Dundee, 1952 DUNIH 2008.39.1
DUNIH 2008.39.1
Map, Ordnance Survey map showing part of Dundee including Lawside Jute Spinning Works. Dated April 1..
Image of Wilkinson Sword razor DUNIH 2008.187
DUNIH 2008.187
Razor made by Wilkinson Sword Co, in a wooden box with a leather strap. Case lined with blue velvet ..
Image of Sparklets Ltd, Soda Syphon DUNIH 2008.185
DUNIH 2008.185
Soda Syphon, moulded glass with rounded shoulders and straight sides to a rounded foot, there is a r..
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