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Image of 'Telling the Story of Tay Textiles' DUNIH 2016.16.1
DUNIH 2016.16.1
Booklet, relating to the history of Tay Textiles Ltd. Front cover white with colour photo of the Tay..
Image of Placemat, 500th Anniversary of the Dundee Weaver Craft Dinner DUNIH 2016.13.3
DUNIH 2016.13.3
Placemat, laminated featuring three images: Detail of the Weavers banner in St. Andrews Church Dunde..
Image of Menu Card, 500th Anniversary of the Dundee Weaver Craft DUNIH 2016.13.2
DUNIH 2016.13.2
Menu card, printed on cream card with Weavers Guild crest on top of object for 500th Anniversary Din..
Image of 500th Anniversary of the Dundee Weaver Craft Booklet DUNIH 2016.13.1
DUNIH 2016.13.1
Booklet, Commemorative edition of the "Dundee Weaver" on the occasion of the Quincontenial of the We..
Image of Screen print, 'Douglas Street' by Allan Beveridge, dated 2015 DUNIH 2016.7.7
DUNIH 2016.7.7
Screen print on jute canvas, entitled "Douglas Street" by Allan Beveridge dated 2015. Shows door pos..
Image of 'Jute Ship' by Allan Beveridge, dated 1977 DUNIH 2016.7.6
DUNIH 2016.7.6
Oil on canvas, entitled "Jute Ship, Dundee" by Allan Beveridge, dated 1977. Mounted and framed on da..
Image of 'Victoria Spinning' by Allan Beveridge, dated 2014 DUNIH 2016.7.5
DUNIH 2016.7.5
Oil on canvas, entitled "Victoria Spinning" by Allan Beveridge, dated 2014. Mounted and framed on da..
Image of 'Dundee from Glebelands' by Allan Beveridge, circa 1990 DUNIH 2016.7.4
DUNIH 2016.7.4
Chalk Drawing, entitled "Dundee from Glebelands", by artist Allan Beveridge, dated cira 1990. Framed..
Image of Charcoal Drawing of RRS Discovery by Allan Beveridge, 2015 DUNIH 2016.7.3
DUNIH 2016.7.3
Drawing, using chalk and charcoal, of RRS Discovery by Allan Beveridge. Sketched from the balacony o..
Image of Chalk Drawing of Verdant Works by Allan Beveridge, Dec 2014 DUNIH 2016.7.2
DUNIH 2016.7.2
Chalk Drawing, entitled "Verdant Works" by artist Allan Beveridge. Piece is mounted but unframed and..
Image of &#39;Jute Mills- Lochee Road&#39; Linocut by Allan Beveridge DUNIH 2016.7.1
DUNIH 2016.7.1
Linocut, enitled "Jute Mills, Lochee Road" by artist Allan Beveridge showing the Dundee landscape. M..
Image of Mangle DUNIH 2015.76
DUNIH 2015.76
Mangle: maker - J.Hebenton, Forfar 36L. Metal frame with wooden rollers and platform...
Image of The Scout magazine DUNIH 2015.8.3
DUNIH 2015.8.3
14th July 1949 edition of The Scout magazine. 12 pages long, first two pages dedicated to article a..
Image of Pennant Souvenir DUNIH 2015.8.2
DUNIH 2015.8.2
Pennant: Triangular pennant made of green canvas, showing detail of the Boy Scout emblem and motto. ..
Image of Pennant Souvenir from RRS Discovery DUNIH 2015.8.1
DUNIH 2015.8.1
Pennant: Triangular pennant made of black felt, two black ties on either end, white transfer on fron..
Image of Gramophone Record from 1929 BANZARE expedition DUNIH 2015.7
DUNIH 2015.7
Gramophone Record: White record bearing an image of the RRS Discovery in the center and inscribed &#..
Image of Silver Medal from City and Guilds London for Jute Spinning DUNIH 2015.6
DUNIH 2015.6
Silver medal from City and Guilds of London Institute in reward of a Technological Examination Ordin..
Image of Slate from Ballachulish Slate Quarries DUNIH 2015.5
DUNIH 2015.5
Slate: Slate marked with the registered trademark of the Ballachulish Slate Quarries. Also with deta..
Image of Yarn Assorting Balance DUNIH 2015.4
DUNIH 2015.4
Yarn assorting balance, Brass scales complete with three brass square weights. Stored in black box ..
Image of World War One War Service Badge DUNIH 2014.27
DUNIH 2014.27
World War One Badge, brass or bronze badhe with blue enamel circle on the front face with "ULRO Ltd/..
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