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Image of City and Guilds Bronze Medal for Jute Spinning DUNIH 2018.13.1
DUNIH 2018.13.1
Medal, bronze, in case awarded to John Brown given for 'Jute Spinning', 3rd prize dated 1920..
Image of Book, 'Handbook on Jute Manufacturing' by Chattopadhaya DUNIH 2018.12.2
DUNIH 2018.12.2
Book, softback book with khaki cover entitled 'Handbook on Jute Manufacturing' by Chattopadh..
Image of Book, 'Jute Spinning Calculations' by Andrew Smith DUNIH 2018.12.1
DUNIH 2018.12.1
Book, hardback with blue cover entitled 'Jute Spinning Calculations' by Andrew Smith, publis..
Image of Reed Angle Gauge DUNIH 2018.10.3
DUNIH 2018.10.3
Gauge, Shuttle Angle Gauge set at 88 degrees, this tool ensured than the shuttle angles were correct..
Image of Reed Angle Gauge DUNIH 2018.10.2
DUNIH 2018.10.2
Gauge, Reed Angle Gauge set at 88 degrees, this tool ensured than the reed shuttle angles were corre..
Image of Red bar screwdriver DUNIH 2018.10.1
DUNIH 2018.10.1
Screwdriver, Red bar screwdriver used for tightening up the screws at the front of the loom. Part of..
Image of Silver matchbox given to John Ferguson relating to Dens Factory DUNIH 2018.9
DUNIH 2018.9
Matchbox (could possibly be a snuff box), silver with hallmark inside lid. Presented to John Ferguso..
Image of Jute Sack dress associated with mock wedding tradition DUNIH 2018.4
DUNIH 2018.4
Jute sack dress presented to Moira Edwards in late 1961 before her wedding to Ian Stalker (Jan 1962)..
Image of Circular Slide Rule by Fowler and Company DUNIH 2018.3
DUNIH 2018.3
Slide Rule, Circular in the shape of a pocket watch, made by Fowler Calculations Company, Ltd., Manc..
Image of Lambert Monifieth Cop Winding Machine DUNIH 2018.2.7
DUNIH 2018.2.7
Pages, no.39 and 40 from loose leaf catalogue 'Lambert Monifieth Cop Winding Machine', with ..
Image of Spinning Frame, High-speed Self Doffing Type DUNIH 2018.2.6
DUNIH 2018.2.6
Leaflet, "Spinning Frame, High-speed Self Doffing Type", "James F. Low and Co Ltd, Monifieth Foundry..
Image of Description of Tow Spinning DUNIH 2018.2.5
DUNIH 2018.2.5
Document, handwritten, titled 'Description of Tow Spinning.'..
Image of Weaving Calculations Notebook DUNIH 2018.2.4
DUNIH 2018.2.4
Notebook, handwritten, titled "Weaving Calculations"...
Image of &#39;Technical and Cost Control in Jute Spinning&#39; by J. Hargrove DUNIH 2018.2.3
DUNIH 2018.2.3
Document, reprint, enclosed in the letter from John Hargrove to Robert Mitchell, titled "Technical a..
Image of Letter from John Hargrove to Robert Mitchell DUNIH 2018.2.2
DUNIH 2018.2.2
Letter, typewritten 26th Sept 1934 from John Hargrove, 42 Seafield Road, Broughty Ferry, Dundee to R..
Image of Document recording &#39;Estimated cost of Spinning Mill and Weaving factory for India&#39; DUNIH 2018.2.1
DUNIH 2018.2.1
Document, handwritten, dated 21st November 1882. 'Estimated Cost' of Spinning Mill and Weavi..
Image of Jute Christmas Stocking DUNIH 2018.1.1
DUNIH 2018.1.1
Jute Christmas Stocking, small tree decoration with 'Merry Christmas' in black hanging loop ..
Image of Instruction Booklet for Moisture Meter DUNIH 2017.39.3
DUNIH 2017.39.3
Instruction booklet for use of the Moisture Meter, used in the quality control process of the raw ju..
Image of Probe related to Moisture Meter DUNIH 2017.39.2
DUNIH 2017.39.2
Probe related to Moisture Meter used in the quality control process of the raw jute. Separate probe ..
Image of Moisture meter for Jute bales and rolls DUNIH 2017.39.1
DUNIH 2017.39.1
Moisture Meter used in the quality control process of the raw jute. Bears metal casing with handles ..
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