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Image of Single German mixer DUNIH 111.11
DUNIH 111.11
Photograph, black and white, labelled 'Single German Mixer. ULRO, Dundee No. 1856'. Part of ..
Image of Mixer and scratcher DUNIH 111.10
DUNIH 111.10
Photograph, black and white, labelled 'Four roll mixer and scratcher with worm reduction gear..
Image of Technical drawing of a Bobbin DUNIH 111.1
DUNIH 111.1
Diagram, technical drawing of a '7 1/2" x 3 1/2" Bobbin 5 1/4 Pitch Mackonite (Reg.) Head and Bo..
Image of The Wonder of Jute poem DUNIH 110
Poem, entitled "The Wonder of Jute", written in the style of William McGonagall this was produced in..
Image of Box of Linen Thread DUNIH 109
Box of Linen Thread: from the Linen Thread Co., Ltd., Glasgow, sent to Messrs. G. Duncan & Co., Comm..
Image of The Performance of Weavers Under Varying Conditions of Noise DUNIH 108
Report, carried out by the Medical Research Council entitled, 'The Performance of Weavers under ..
Image of Calender Machine DUNIH 107
Photograph, black and white, of a calender machine used in the finishing stages of jute production...
Image of Envelope relating to Messrs Grant & Moncrieff DUNIH 106.9
DUNIH 106.9
Envelope, Addressed to Messrs Grant & Moncrieff by Mr. David Davidson. Bears the name David Davidso..
Image of Letter accepting clerk post at Messrs Grant & Moncrieff DUNIH 106.8
DUNIH 106.8
Letter, handwritten by David Davidson, accepting the job of apprentice clerk (3 year post) at Messrs..
Image of Job Application to Messrs Grant & Moncrieff DUNIH 106.7
DUNIH 106.7
Letter, handwritten, application for a job of apprentice clerk at Messers Grant and Moncrieff advert..
Image of Messrs Grant & Moncrieff DUNIH 106.6
DUNIH 106.6
Letter, handwritten, to Mr. David Davidson offering him the position of apprentice clerk at Messrs G..
Image of The Queen Mary DUNIH 106.45
DUNIH 106.45
Photograph, black and white, of the ship "The Queen Mary". Written on the reverse, "Pier 90 Manhatta..
Image of Jute workers  from Panmure Works, 1927 DUNIH 106.44
DUNIH 106.44
Photograph, black and white and mounted on card, of jute workers in 1927 from Panmure Works. Back Ro..
Image of Staff from Messers W.G. Grant and Company Limited DUNIH 106.43
DUNIH 106.43
Photograph, black and white and mounted on card, of staff from W.G. Grant and Company Limited, date ..
Image of W. G. Grant & Co., Ltd. Staff Photograph, 1957/58 DUNIH 106.42
DUNIH 106.42
Photograph, black and white, of workers at W. G. Grant & Co., Ltd. dated 1957/58. Written on revers..
Image of Article re. W.G. Grant & Co. buying Panmure Works DUNIH 106.41
DUNIH 106.41
Newspaper article, taken from 'The Evening Telegraph', dated Monday November 12, 1932. Artic..
Image of Newspaper article re. Jute Prices DUNIH 106.40
DUNIH 106.40
Newspaper article, taken from the 'Letters to the Editor' section published within 'The ..
Image of Ledger DUNIH 106.4
DUNIH 106.4
Book, green leather cover, Ledger 1903 - 1921. Associated company unknown...
Image of Draft Assessment for the year 1910- 1911 DUNIH 106.39
DUNIH 106.39
Accounts, typed and handwritten, entitled "Draft Assessment for the year 1910 ending 5 April 1911 on..
Image of Warping Overseers Assistant Booklet DUNIH 106.38
DUNIH 106.38
Booklet, entitled "Warping Overseers Assistant" by John Fleming, 5th edition printed and published b..
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