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Image of Spool of Green Yarn DUNIH 2010.28
DUNIH 2010.28
Wooden spool of green yarn. In box of miscellaneous items and archive material, at least some of whi..
Image of Flyer Assembly for Brownell Twister DUNIH 97
Lantern slide, "Flyer Assembly for Brownell Twister Showing Right Hand Thread". Produced for FLCB (F..
Image of Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles DUNIH 78.5
DUNIH 78.5
Book, entitled "Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles" Editor Stephen S. Marks and produced by Fair..
Image of Specifications for textile and clothing. DUNIH 61.12
DUNIH 61.12
Sheet; typed sheet, entitiled "Government Department, specification for textiles and clothing, sprci..
Image of Textile machinery calculations DUNIH 57.9
DUNIH 57.9
Sheet; loose typed, of textile machinery calculations by A R Kharadi, maintenance engineer, dated 25..
Image of Yarn Diameters and Cloth Structure DUNIH 57.6
DUNIH 57.6
Book, "Yard Diameters and Cloth Structure" by Thomas Woodhouse and Alexander Brand (MacMillan and Co..
Image of The Flax and Tow Spinners Calculator DUNIH 55.19
DUNIH 55.19
Book, entitled "The Flax and Tow Spinners Calculator" by William Pickles. Published by Simpkin, Mar..
Image of The Textile Manufacturer Year Book, 1926 DUNIH 55.10
DUNIH 55.10
Book, entitled "The Textile Manufacturer Year Book, 1926". Published by Emmott & Co, Ltd, Manchester..
Image of Display Box, with a variety of thread and fabric samples DUNIH 510
Box, display box of samples. Open box containing 25 smaller boxes, all bearing transparant glass cov..
Image of Salt Sack - 40lbs DUNIH 477.2
DUNIH 477.2
Bag, cotton poly salt bag; printed on bag "Paterson Zochonis & Co. Ltd. (some arabic writing) Niger..
Image of Student Notebook entitled 'Cloth Finishing' DUNIH 461.9
DUNIH 461.9
Student notebook "Cloth Finishing". Part of a collection of documents relating to Wilfred Lakie̵..
Image of Student Notebook entitled 'Spool Winder ULRO' DUNIH 461.8
DUNIH 461.8
Student notebook, entitled "Spool Winder U.L.R.O.(Urquhart Lindsay & Robertson Orchar, Ltd)". Part o..
Image of Student Notebook entitled 'Textiles Fibres' DUNIH 461.7
DUNIH 461.7
Student notebook, entitled "Textile Fibres". Part of a collection of documents relating to Wilfred L..
Image of Student Notebook entitled 'Textiles 1st Year' DUNIH 461.6
DUNIH 461.6
Student notebook, entitled "Textiles 1st year (Part time)". Part of a collection of documents relati..
Image of Student Notebook entitled 'Yarn of Cloth Calculations' DUNIH 461.5
DUNIH 461.5
Student notebook, entitled "Yarn of Cloth Calculations, Textiles, 1st Year (Part time)". Part of a ..
Image of Student Notebook, 'Weaving Mechanisms Textiles' DUNIH 461.4
DUNIH 461.4
Student notebook, entitled "Weaving Mechanisms Textiles 1st yr (Part time)". Part of a collection of..
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