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Camperdown Works DUNIH 2008.130.3

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Camperdown Works

Photograph, colour poloroids (x 12) of various machines at Camperdown Works, including polishers, softners and gill spinners. Handwritten notes in red pen on the bottom of each photograph. 1. labelled 0990J Polisher end view of steam cylinders & pol rollers (2 copies). 2. labelled 0990J Polisher drive to bottom steam cylinde. 3. labelled 0990J Polisher supply to creel and winding up at back of machine. 4. labelled 0995J Softner view from feed end. 5. labelled 0995J Softner view from dely end. 6 labelled 0995J Softner drive to side shaft .7 labelled 0941/3J Gill spinners flyers and bobbin boards .8 labelled 0941/3J Gill spinner motor drive. 9 labelled 0941/3J Gill spinners reversing motion.10. labelled 0941/3J Gill spinners drafting zone and gill bars.

Number: DUNIH 2008.130.3
Name: Camperdown Works
Date: 1980
Maker: Not Specified
Location: In Store