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Centenary Paperweight, RRS Discovery DUNIH 2018.1.3

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Centenary Paperweight, RRS Discovery

Paperweight, blue engraved 'RRS Discovery Dundee Centenary Gala Dinner, 21st March 2001'. Made as a commission sponsored by Caithness Glass Limited for Dundee Heritage Trust in celebration of RRS Discovery Centenary. Cobalt blue and clear glass sphere with spiral pattern of bubbles and one flat surface with engraving of ship surrounded by oval with "R.R.S. Discovery Dundee, Centenary, 1901/2001" "21st March 2001, Gala Dinner" Flat base engraved "CuG" and "311/321" ie. this is no. 311 in a limited edition of 321. Given to Gill Poulter, Heritage and Exhibitions Director of Dundee Heritage Trust.

Number: DUNIH 2018.1.3
Name: Centenary Paperweight, RRS Discovery
Date: 2001-03-21
Maker: Caithness Glass Ltd
Location: In Store