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DUNIH 2018.8 DUNIH 2018.8

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DUNIH 2018.8

Flight suit worn by NASA astronaut James (Jim) Wetherbee during training of the NASA T-38 Jet and the NASA Shuttle Training Airplane used for airborne approach and landing training. Wetherbee flew in space six times between 1990 and 2002, including five missions as commander. Four of his flights went to a space station, two to Mir and two to the International Space Station. All in one royal blue fabric suit with zipped front and zipped pockets on chest, legs and arms. Waist adjustment with Velcro fastening. NASA badge on chest and Stars and Stripes on left arm, Shuttle badge on right arm. Makers' label inside reads "Split-S/ Aviation/ El Cajon, Calif". Along with label reading "James Wetherbee" handwritten, size 44XL.

Number: DUNIH 2018.8
Name: DUNIH 2018.8
Date: 1990-2002
Location: In Store