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Internal Telephone relating to T.C. Keay DUNIH 2017.17.1

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Internal Telephone relating to T.C. Keay

Telephone, internal telephone wall mounted with wooden case used in T.C. Keay mill furnishers in Baltic Street. This hinged wooden box has 10 switches and numbered circular discs, spring loaded brass hooks for separate handset and inside is the switching mechanism and electric circuits. A circular bell is attached to the bottom of the wooden backboard. Front of the box is stamped 'Patent No. 4215/01' and inside the box 'Patent No. 26854/10. Inside the box there is two plaques one trademarked 'Primax Sterling system' and the other reads 'Notice all instruments to work with this system must bear the mark "Primax" when re-ordering in addition to the catalogue number please quote 'Primax System'. Handset attached to the main box with cotton covered plaited electric cable. Handset made of brass with Bakelite earpieces and trumpet shaped mouthpiece. Reeded handle with lower shaped switch labelled 'Press this while speaking'.

Number: DUNIH 2017.17.1
Name: Internal Telephone relating to T.C. Keay
Date: Not Specified
Maker: Keay, Thomas C.
Location: In Store