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Space Tile taken from Space Shuttle Discovery DUNIH 2018.6

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Space Tile taken from Space Shuttle Discovery

Space Tile, which was integral part of the Space Shuttle Discovery's Thermal Protective System. These foam tiles protected the craft from the searing 1650C heat during atmospheric re-entry. In place during Discoverys first 11 missions from August 1984 to October 1990, this tile has completed approximately 968 Earth orbits and travelled 22.3 million miles.
The thick grey tile has number "V070-191007-113BZ9168" on top edge.

It is mounted along with a colour photograph of the space shuttle landing with parachute deployed along with a small metal and enamel NASA badge. Information panel "The Royal Research Ship Discovery/ Launched 1901. From Captain Robert Scott's legendary polar exploration to today's excursions on the new frontier of space, we travel into the next millennium celebrating nearly a century of discovery for the benefit of all humankind. Let us reach for the stars together! June 2000" this is signed by "George W.S. Abbey/ Director, NASA Johnson Space Centre." All within glazed, aluminium box frame.

Number: DUNIH 2018.6
Name: Space Tile taken from Space Shuttle Discovery
Date: 2001-06
Maker: NASA
Location: On Display