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'Telling the Story of Tay Textiles' DUNIH 2016.16.1

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'Telling the Story of Tay Textiles'

Booklet, relating to the history of Tay Textiles Ltd. Front cover white with colour photo of the Tay Bridge and Dundee, entitled "Tay Textiles Limited" text. Inside is the history of the Scott + Robertson Group to which Tay Textiles belongs and photographs and information about the different dimensions in mills in Dundee and Perth. Part of a series of archives relating to Tay Textiles Ltd. and The Scott and Robertson Group dated 1970s and 1980s.

Number: DUNIH 2016.16.1
Name: 'Telling the Story of Tay Textiles'
Date: 1970-1980
Maker: Tay Textiles
Location: In Store