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The Sphere, 3/8/1901 DUNIH 437.2

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The Sphere, 3/8/1901

Magazine; "The Shpere - An Illustrated Magazine for the Home". Vol. VI, No. 80, pages 129-132 "The Great British Antarctic Expedition" London, 3 August 1901. 1. The Sphere magazine front cover featuring a sketch of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra presenting a medal to soldiers. Dated 3rd August 1901

2. A map of the Antarctic region featuring the proposed routes of the British, German and Swedish expeditions, entitled ‘To wrest the secrets of the Antarctic’.

3. Future information of the British, Swedish and German expeditions.

4. Article featured in the Sphere magazine entitled ‘The Great British Antarctic Expedition’.

5. Close-up on the beginning of the article.

6. Photograph entitled ‘The executive officers’, featuring Charles Royds and Albert Armitage. 7. Photograph of Robert Falcon Scott. 8. Photograph entitled ‘The Scientific Staff’, featuring Doctor Koettlitz (Botanist) and Goery Murray (scientific leader)

9. Photograph entitled ‘The executive officers’, featuring Reginald Skelton and Ernest Shackleton

10. Clipping of ‘the objects of the expedition’.

11. Photograph entitled ‘The Scientific Staff’, featuring Doctor Edward Wilson and W. Shackleton (physicist)

12. Photographs of ice saws used in the ‘discovery’ expedition and also example of the fir sleeping bags and fur boots taken. 13. Article entitled 'The Adventurous journey of the 'Discovery' towards the South Pole'.

14. Photograph of the Windmill generator’s dynamo

15. Photograph of the Windmill generator

16. Photographs of an iceberg entitled ‘The Craggy Icebergs which the ship will meet in December’. 17. A photograph of the smaller boats on board the ‘Discovery’

18. A photograph of a pile of sea boots used ‘for rough work’.

19. Sketch of the type of sledges to be used in the ‘Discovery’ expedition. 20. A photograph of the Discovery in the East India Docks, funnels and the windmill visible.

21. Two photographs. One of an instrument used ‘to catch specimens of deep-sea water’. The other on a pile of crates entitled ‘Roast kidneys and duck and green peas for the Antarctic’.

22. Part one of a sketch entitled a ‘diagrammatic view of the Discovery’.

23. Part two of a sketch entitled a ‘diagrammatic view of the Discovery’.

Number: DUNIH 437.2
Name: The Sphere, 3/8/1901
Date: 1901-08-03
Maker: Not Specified
Location: In Store