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British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909 (Nimrod)

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Image of "King Edward VII Land" DUNIH 2011.4.2
DUNIH 2011.4.2
Booklet, entitled "King Edward VII Land: A history of the special postage stamp issued for use in th..
Image of Colman's Mustard Powder DUNIH 2009.61
DUNIH 2009.61
Tin of Colman's mustard powder, metal tin decorated with yellow advertising labels. Label on the..
Image of False keel from the Nimrod W 79.133.7
W 79.133.7
False keel, a piece of the false keel reputedly broken off the Nimrod a sealer vessel built in 1867 ..
Image of Caricature of Ernest Shackleton SHA.3
Print, a caricature of Ernest Shackleton drawn in ink and taken from a Vanity Fair supplement. Here ..
Image of Aurora Australis K 14
K 14
Book, entitled the ‘Aurora Australis’ which was written, printed and bound (using broken..
Image of Letter to Thomas Hodgson from James Murray  K 12.6
K 12.6
Letter, part of a collection of archives relating to the National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. Th..
Image of Shackleton's Chair DUNIH 2007.27
DUNIH 2007.27
Chair, wooden loop backed chair with perforated seat. Chair alleged to have belonged to Ernest Shack..
Image of Article re. Ernest Joyce's polar memories DUNIH 1.328
DUNIH 1.328
Newspaper cutting, taken from the "Sunday Referee" and dated 8/12/1929. Article entitled, 'Did B..
Image of Newspaper cutting, re. funeral of Mr Bilsby (shipwright) DUNIH 1.279
DUNIH 1.279
Newspaper cutting, taken from an unknown publication dated 22/2/1930. Article entitled, 'Late Mr..
Image of Telegram sent to Colbeck re. position of commander DUNIH 1.121
DUNIH 1.121
Telegram, from Ernest Shackleton to William Colbeck, Addressed steamer "Romeo", Riga. Circa 1907-190..
Image of Letter to Colbeck arranging a meeting DUNIH 1.116
DUNIH 1.116
Letter, from Ernest Shackleton (Shackles) 63, James Street London S.W.William Colbeck, no date but c..
Image of Copy of letter written to Ernest Shackleton DUNIH 1.109
DUNIH 1.109
Letter, copy, written from William Colbeck to Ernest Shackleton, written on Colbeck's headed pap..
Image of Map of British Antarctic Expedition 1907 DUNIH 1.069
DUNIH 1.069
Map. British Antarctic Expedition 1907. General map showing the explorations and surveys of the expe..