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Image of Fabric sample box, used for educational purposes. DUNIH 2020.2
DUNIH 2020.2
Fabric sample box, used for educational purposes. Britain's cotton - samples of cotton from fiel..
Image of Flax sample - '2 1/2/20 Flax' DUNIH 2017.1.30.18
DUNIH 2017.1.30.18
Sample, bundle of flax tied at each end with red thread. Complete with small label which reads '..
Image of Yarn Assorting Balance DUNIH 2015.4
DUNIH 2015.4
Yarn assorting balance, Brass scales complete with three brass square weights. Stored in black box ..
Image of Shuttle DUNIH 2009.72.1
DUNIH 2009.72.1
Shuttle : wood, brass and metal used for the cotton trade rather than jute. Wider at the top than th..
Image of Salt Sack - 18kg DUNIH 477.1
DUNIH 477.1
Bag, cotton poly salt bag; printed on bag "Paterson Zochoris Nigeria Ltd. (some arabic writing) Nig..
Image of Manual of Cotton Spinning Vol 1 DUNIH 27.2
DUNIH 27.2
Book, entitled "Manual of Cotton Spinning, Vol 1" by (editor) A.F.W. Coulson. Published by The Texti..