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Image of Walking Stick DUNIH 2019.38
DUNIH 2019.38
Walking Stick made from the wood of the Discovery by adding an end to protect the wood and duck shap..
Image of Newspaper cutting re. deepwater recovery and exploration of Fife DUNIH 2018.20.5
DUNIH 2018.20.5
Newspaper article taken from the Weekend Courier, dated 5 March 1994. Titled 'Treasures of the D..
Image of Leaflet comparing RRS Discovery and the Space Shuttle Discovery DUNIH 2018.20.3
DUNIH 2018.20.3
Leaflet, taken from the 'Daily Record', March 1994 comparing RRS Discovery and the Space Shu..
Image of Charcoal Drawing of RRS Discovery by Allan Beveridge, 2015 DUNIH 2016.7.3
DUNIH 2016.7.3
Drawing, using chalk and charcoal, of RRS Discovery by Allan Beveridge. Sketched from the balacony o..
Image of Discovery, Hudson Bay Era DUNIH 2009.69
DUNIH 2009.69
Model of "Discovery" made by Arthur Samuel Diwell, whilst he was serving on the ship as a fireman be..
Image of Seal Skin Hat DUNIH 2009.39.2
DUNIH 2009.39.2
Hat, with earflaps, khaki woven outer, black seal fur trim, quilted interior. Fabric label inside cr..
Image of H.M.S. Discovery DUNIH 2011.4.1
DUNIH 2011.4.1
Booklet, white cover with blue sketch of the ship, entitled ‘H.M.S. Discovery: A Short Account..
Image of Cribbage board DUNIH 2010.7.2
DUNIH 2010.7.2
Cribbage board with four spherical feet. Board has two layers top layer is brass and the bottom has ..
Image of Box of Dominoes DUNIH 2010.7.1
DUNIH 2010.7.1
Box of dominoes, complete set of 28, each dominoe is made of two layers held together by brass nuets..
Image of Space Shuttle Crew DUNIH 2010.46.9
DUNIH 2010.46.9
Photograph, colour, of the crew of Space Shuttle Missiom STS-102, NASA. 2000. Signed by 4 of the mis..
Image of Courage DUNIH 2009.39.1
DUNIH 2009.39.1
Book, 'Courage' by J.M. Barrie, the Rectorial Addresses delivered at the University of St.An..
Image of Section of plank from the RRS Discovery DUNIH 2007.10.3
DUNIH 2007.10.3
Section of plank taken from the starboard side of the Royal Research Ship Discovery. Section appears..
Image of Brass dump or bolt from Discovery DUNIH 2007.10.2
DUNIH 2007.10.2
Brass dump or bolt removed from the hull of discovery. Has rivetted shapped head with hammer marks a..
Image of Section of plank from the RRS Discovery DUNIH 2007.10.1
DUNIH 2007.10.1
Section of plank from the starboard side of the Royal Research Ship Discovery. Section appears to be..
Image of The Discovery moore at unidentified wharf SCO 30
SCO 30
Photograph, sepia, showing the Discovery moored, port side at an unidentified wharf...
Image of HMS Discovery/Royal Research Ship ROY.28
Display panel, off-white paper and blue printed text, describes a brief history and specifications o..
Image of Discovery Under Full Sail. K.41.30
Photograph, black and white and mounted, showing the 'Discovery' under full sail, tilting t..
Image of Discovery Watchman's Notebook K.2
Notebook: Small lined notebook used by Discovery maintenance staff to record onboard jobs during the..
Image of HMS Discovery in Association of Restored Sailing Ships. K.15
Certificate, presented to H.M.S. Discovery certifying its membership of ‘International Sail: a..
Image of Scraping the Mainmast of Discovery K 22.9
K 22.9
Print, taken from a collection of prints, letters, photographs and postcards relating to both the Na..
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