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Image of 'Estate of the late Mr. Joseph Grimmond' DUNIH 544.7
DUNIH 544.7
Newspaper cutting, taken from an unknown publication, headed "The Late Mr. Joseph Grimmond". Lists d..
Image of James Cox, Esq. Foggyley DUNIH 2004.3
DUNIH 2004.3
Print, black and white lithographic print of James Cox Esq. Produced by J.W. Watt, fine art publishe..
Image of Gentleman's Journal and Gentleman's Court Review re Sir James Caird DUNIH 113.7
DUNIH 113.7
Booklet, bound in brown card, special souvenir supplement focusing on jute manufacture taken from th..
Image of 'The Fleming Gift' booklet re. housing scheme DUNIH 113.5
DUNIH 113.5
Booklet, bound in grey card and fastened with ribbon, entitled "The Fleming Gift". Relates to the l..
Image of Travelling Scholarships Trust Information DUNIH 113.1
DUNIH 113.1
File, ringbound file containing information on 'Sir James Caird's Travelling Scholarships Tr..