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Image of Oil Painting of the County of Inverness sailing vessel DUNIH 2014.25
DUNIH 2014.25
Oil Painting mounted in a gilt frame depicting the "County of Inverness" (1877-1947) a 4-masted iron..
Image of 'Jute Ship' by Allan Beveridge, dated 1977 DUNIH 2016.7.6
DUNIH 2016.7.6
Oil on canvas, entitled "Jute Ship, Dundee" by Allan Beveridge, dated 1977. Mounted and framed on da..
Image of Jute Barrow DUNIH 2015.72
DUNIH 2015.72
Jute Barrow: wooden planked platform on metal, wheeled frame..
Image of Bale Barrow DUNIH 2015.68
DUNIH 2015.68
Jute Bale Barrow: wooden frame with handles and iron wheels and a carrying platform frame...
Image of Bale Barrow DUNIH 2015.67
DUNIH 2015.67
Jute Bale Barrow: wooden frame with handles and iron wheels and a carry platform frame...
Image of Beam Barrow DUNIH 2015.65
DUNIH 2015.65
Beam Barrow: Heavy wooden platform with four wheels...
Image of Jute Barrow DUNIH 2015.58
DUNIH 2015.58
Jute Barrow: Wrought iron frame with decorative coiled ends to upright handle, wooden boards of plat..
Image of Beam Barrow DUNIH 2015.44
DUNIH 2015.44
Beam barrow: small, metal beam with wheels...
Image of Wooden Beam Barrow DUNIH 2015.40
DUNIH 2015.40
Beam Barrow: Wooden slalted platform with metal wheels and fittings...
Image of Wooden barrow DUNIH 2015.36
DUNIH 2015.36
Barrow: for batching, wooden..
Image of Wooden Barrow inscribed 'A. Thomson & Sons. Verdant Works' DUNIH 2015.35
DUNIH 2015.35
Barrow: for Jute, wood with metal leg stands and wheel. Painted on corner in gold 'A.Thompson & ..
Image of Wood Bale Barrow DUNIH 2015.33
DUNIH 2015.33
Bale Barrow: wood with metal framing inscriptions include: '322, Mackie 6090, Loom, Take 222...
Image of Wood and metal barrow with two wheels DUNIH 2015.32
DUNIH 2015.32
Barrow: for Jute, wood and metal with two wheels...
Image of Wood and metal barrow DUNIH 2015.31
DUNIH 2015.31
Barrow: wood and metal with two wheels. Used to transport raw jute bales to different parts of the m..
Image of Don & Low Limited-Moving spun jute bobbins DUNIH 2008.178.22
DUNIH 2008.178.22
Photograph, black and white, showing the various processes jute goes through at Don & Low Ltd., jute..
Image of Jute lifter hook DUNIH 2010.43
DUNIH 2010.43
Hooks, metal (x 2) attached to a metal chain and ring. Used for lifting jute bales. Very heavy and r..
Image of Horse and Cart model DUNIH 2010.40.2
DUNIH 2010.40.2
Horse, model made from china. Painted brown with white and grey hooves and a dark brown mane. Wearin..
Image of Horse and Cart model DUNIH 2010.40.1
DUNIH 2010.40.1
Horse, model made from china depicting either a Shire or Clydesdale horse with full leather and meta..
Image of ULRO + FLCB- Transport Lorries DUNIH 2009.31.132
DUNIH 2009.31.132
Photograph, black and white, image showing transport lorries 'British Road Services' outside..
Image of Dispatching jute sacks by lorry DUNIH 2008.8.23
DUNIH 2008.8.23
Photograph, black and white, part of a collection relating to Jute sack sewing, branding and bundlin..
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