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Image of Instructors Training Card DUNIH 2020.60.9
DUNIH 2020.60.9
Instructors Training Card. Instructions for 'How to get ready to instruct' on one side and ..
Image of small double ended spanner DUNIH 2020.60.8
DUNIH 2020.60.8
small spanner, with small hole at end. rust along surface of spanner. Belonged to the Donor wh..
Image of small double ended spanner DUNIH 2020.60.7
DUNIH 2020.60.7
small double ended spanner, sizes 2BA and 4BA. stamped on both sides: 2BA Made in England 4BA and 2B..
Image of tool DUNIH 2020.60.6
DUNIH 2020.60.6
disk shaped weavers tool with slight indent and cut out circle to allow inner metal ball to protude...
Image of Weavers Knotter DUNIH 2020.60.5
DUNIH 2020.60.5
Weavers Knotter with faded blue leather adjustable loop with faded text. leaver with blue plastic c..
Image of Clippers DUNIH 2020.60.4
DUNIH 2020.60.4
Pair of clippers belongong to a weaver, affected by rust at the blade and hinge. Stamped ' Germ..
Image of Shott Gauge DUNIH 2020.60.3
DUNIH 2020.60.3
Shott Guage with magnifying glass and marks for measuring 1in, 1/2in and 1/4 in. engraved on centra..
Image of Weavers Scissors DUNIH 2020.60.2
DUNIH 2020.60.2
Pair of weavers scissors, affected by rust. stamped on the side: 332 / W. Whiteley / Sheffield. ..
Image of Leather bag for tools DUNIH 2020.60.1
DUNIH 2020.60.1
Black leather bag, fastened with zip along length with leather strap handle and clear slot on front...
Image of Handloom Weaving in India DUNIH 2019.14
DUNIH 2019.14
Book entitled Handloom Weaving in India by Henry H Ghosh and Dinobundoo dated 1905. Chapters are th..
Image of Adjustment and Maintenance Manual for Dobby DUNIH 2019.2
DUNIH 2019.2
Adjustment and Maintenance Manual for Dobby, which could be placed on the right or left side of a we..
Image of Notebook containing notes referring to Jute Weaving DUNIH 2018.31
DUNIH 2018.31
Notebook containing notes, referring to "Jute Weaving I." Relates to Phillip Marshall who worked at ..
Image of Photograph Album relating to Megna Jute Mills, India DUNIH 2018.23
DUNIH 2018.23
Photograph Album, containing 40 black and white photographs relating to Megna Jute Mills, dated July..
Image of Reed Angle Gauge DUNIH 2018.10.3
DUNIH 2018.10.3
Gauge, Shuttle Angle Gauge set at 88 degrees, this tool ensured than the shuttle angles were correct..
Image of Reed Angle Gauge DUNIH 2018.10.2
DUNIH 2018.10.2
Gauge, Reed Angle Gauge set at 88 degrees, this tool ensured than the reed shuttle angles were corre..
Image of Red bar screwdriver DUNIH 2018.10.1
DUNIH 2018.10.1
Screwdriver, Red bar screwdriver used for tightening up the screws at the front of the loom. Part of..
Image of Silver matchbox given to John Ferguson relating to Dens Factory DUNIH 2018.9
DUNIH 2018.9
Matchbox (could possibly be a snuff box), silver with hallmark inside lid. Presented to John Ferguso..
Image of Weaving Calculations Notebook DUNIH 2018.2.4
DUNIH 2018.2.4
Notebook, handwritten, titled "Weaving Calculations"...
Image of Group of Weavers from Bowbridge Works, circa 1900s DUNIH 2017.27
DUNIH 2017.27
Photograph, sepia, mounted on card showing a group of weavers from Bowbridge Works, circa 1900s. Wom..
Image of Print showing hand spinning and handloom weaving DUNIH 2017.26
DUNIH 2017.26
Engraving, showing hand weaving and spinning. Originally published by R.F. MacKay, Dundee in Septemb..
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