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Image of Letter to Colbeck from Markham with temporary address DUNIH 1.086
DUNIH 1.086
Letter, sent by Sir Clements Markham (President of the Royal Geographical Society) 21, Eccleston Squ..
Image of Envelope containing letters sent to William Colbeck DUNIH 1.085
DUNIH 1.085
Envelope, addressed to Captain Colbeck R.N.R., 704 Anlaby Road, Hull. Postmarked London 14/6/1905. ..
Image of Letter sent to Colbeck re. arranging a meeting DUNIH 1.084
DUNIH 1.084
Letter, sent from Sir Clements Markham (the President of the Royal Geographical Society), 21, Eccles..
Image of Envelope containing letter from Sir Clements Markham DUNIH 1.083
DUNIH 1.083
Envelope addressed to Lieut. William Colbeck R.N.R., Bedford Heath Hotel, Bayley Street, Bedford Squ..
Image of Letter re. the Morning's stop in Port Stanley DUNIH 1.082
DUNIH 1.082
Letter, sent by William Colbeck to Edith Robinson, Port Stanley, dated 20/7/1904 whilst he was on th..
Image of Envelope containing letters sent to Edith Robinson DUNIH 1.081
DUNIH 1.081
Envelope addressed to Miss E. (Edith) Robinson, Brookfield Terrace, Fairfield, Manchester (from Falk..
Image of Letter to Royal Geographical Society Possession Islands DUNIH 1.080
DUNIH 1.080
Letter, copy, in ink. From William Colbeck to the President of the Royal Geographical Society, titl..
Image of The immortal story of Capt. Scott's Expedition DUNIH 1.078
DUNIH 1.078
Document, printed entitled 'The immortal story of Capt. Scott's Expedition - how five brave ..
Image of Envelope entitled 'Scott's death' DUNIH 1.077
DUNIH 1.077
Envelope, entitled 'Scott's death' (previous contents listed are:- Scott's arrangeme..
Image of Copy letter to Colbeck about the second relief expedition DUNIH 1.076
DUNIH 1.076
Letter, copy, typewritten from Sir Clements Markham (president of the Royal Geographical Society) to..
Image of Sailing orders for Discovery Expedition  DUNIH 1.075
DUNIH 1.075
Letter, printed in 'The Geographical Journal Vol. XX, No 2. London: The Royal Geographical Soci..
Image of Printed instructions for voyage to Colbeck from Markham DUNIH 1.074
DUNIH 1.074
Letter, sent from Sir Clements Markham to William Colbeck, titled ''Instructions to the Comm..
Image of Obituary of William Colbeck from 'Seven Seas' magazine DUNIH 1.072
DUNIH 1.072
Magazine cutting, featuring the obituary of William Colbeck taken from the "Seven Seas" publication ..
Image of Key to photograph of Antarctic society dinner DUNIH 1.071
DUNIH 1.071
Document, typewritten. Key to photograph. Possibly relating to a photograph of the members of the An..
Image of Royal Geographical Society council meeting DUNIH 1.070
DUNIH 1.070
Minutes, printed by the Royal Geographical Society relating to their special meeting of Council, dat..
Image of Map of British Antarctic Expedition 1907 DUNIH 1.069
DUNIH 1.069
Map. British Antarctic Expedition 1907. General map showing the explorations and surveys of the expe..
Image of List of meteorological instruments for the expedition DUNIH 1.068
DUNIH 1.068
Document, printed list of meteorological instruments used for a Antarctic Expedition. Belonging to a..
Image of Letter from Colbeck on S.S. Montebello DUNIH 1.067
DUNIH 1.067
Letter, copy, from William Colbeck to Sir Clements Markham, S.S. "Montebello", Tasmania, dated 27/11..
Image of Envelope addressed to Colbeck DUNIH 1.066
DUNIH 1.066
Envelope. Addressed to William Colbeck R.N.R., 225, Anlaby Road, Hull, postmarked London, 8/12/1900...
Image of Programme  from dinner held for the crew of the Morning DUNIH 1.064
DUNIH 1.064
Document, printed, relating to a diinner held by the Geographical Club in honour of Lieutenant Colbe..
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