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Morning Relief Expedition 1902-1903

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Image of Newspaper cutting, from "The Sunday Express", titled "In Search of Scott". Relating to the 1910 -1912 British Antarctic Expedition DUNIH 2022.6.7
DUNIH 2022.6.7
Newspaper cutting, from "The Sunday Express", titled "In Search of Scott". Relating to the 1901 -190..
Image of 'Sweetheart Brooch' from SY Morning Button DUNIH 2017.24
DUNIH 2017.24
Button from SY Morning turned into a 'Sweetheart Brooch'. Brass bearing anchor motif and the..
Image of Lantern slide depicting 'SY Morning' in Dundee, dated circa 's 1920's  DUNIH 2017.9
DUNIH 2017.9
Slide, lantern slide depicting SY Morning in Dundee dated circa 1920s. Black and white image taken f..
Image of Collection of the Songs of the Morning DUNIH 2014.14.7
DUNIH 2014.14.7
Book, The Songs of the Morning by Captain Gerald S. Ddoorly. A Bread and Cheese Club Production, Mel..
Image of Manuscript 'The North Land' from 'Songs of the Morning' DUNIH 2012.38.2
DUNIH 2012.38.2
Manuscript 'Songs of the Morning', entitled 'The North Land', words by J.D. Morrison..
Image of Manuscript 'Yuss' from 'Songs of the Morning' DUNIH 2012.38.1
DUNIH 2012.38.1
Manuscript 'Songs of the Morning', entitled 'Yuss', words by J.D. Morrison and music..
Image of Fork, Morning W 79.133.61
W 79.133.61
Fork part of a set of cutlery used upon the Morning the relief ship sent to the Antarctic as part of..
Image of Mussel shells taken from the Morning's cable in 1904 W 79.133.14
W 79.133.14
Mussel shells, a collection of three shells in a black taped card box with a glass lid and identific..
Image of Notes re. the Morning taken for The Lytleton Times K 12.19
K 12.19
Document, part of a collection of archives relating to the National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. ..
Image of Morning and Discovery DUNIH 444.2
DUNIH 444.2
Photographs, black and white prints (x6), found loose inside a scrap book compiled by Sir Clements M..
Image of Captain Colbeck's binoculars DUNIH 209
Binoculars and case: leather and metal binoculars with glass lenses; leather case with red silk lin..
Image of Snow Goggles belonged to Capt. Colbeck DUNIH 208
Goggles, snow goggles in metal tin. The glasses have a metal frame, metal wire legs, grey glass lens..
Image of Mittens belonging to Captain Colbeck DUNIH 207
Mittens, pair of tan leather mittens with brown stitching, belonging to Captain Colbeck of the relie..
Image of Antarctic Hood belonged to Captain Colbeck DUNIH 206
Antarctic Hood, belonged to Captain Colbeck of the relief ship "Morning". Made from camel-coloured f..
Image of The Weekly Press 4.11.1903 Dunih 2009.46.2
Dunih 2009.46.2
Extract from The Weekly Press, dated 4.11.1903. An article on the Discovery with photographs of her ..
Image of Morning, Discovery Relief Expedition DUNIH 2008.44.2
DUNIH 2008.44.2
Photograph, black and white, entitled 'Scott sailing away from Lyttelton to an icy grave'. T..
Image of Morning in Lyttelton, Discovery Relief Expedition DUNIH 2008.44.1
DUNIH 2008.44.1
Photograph, black and white, entitled 'People in Lyttelton on Wharf,1910'. Image of RY Morni..
Image of Letter to Colbeck re. details of expedition DUNIH 1.562
DUNIH 1.562
Letter (photocopy), from Robert Falcon Scott to William Colbeck, written onboard the Discovery and d..
Image of Photocopy re. location of Discovery at Cape Crozier DUNIH 1.559
DUNIH 1.559
Letter (photocopy), addressed to the Commander of the Relief ship and headed "Discovery", Cape Crozi..
Image of Sailing instructions for the return of Morning to England DUNIH 1.558
DUNIH 1.558
Letter (photocopy), sailing orders for the return of the "Morning" to England, signed H.R. Rawson(?)..
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