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Image of Telegram sent to Colbeck re. position of commander DUNIH 1.121
DUNIH 1.121
Telegram, from Ernest Shackleton to William Colbeck, Addressed steamer "Romeo", Riga. Circa 1907-190..
Image of Letter to Colbeck arranging a meeting DUNIH 1.116
DUNIH 1.116
Letter, from Ernest Shackleton (Shackles) 63, James Street London S.W.William Colbeck, no date but c..
Image of Typed letter to Colbeck re. Evan's lectures DUNIH 1.112
DUNIH 1.112
Letter, from Edward Evans, 36 Victoria Street S.W. to William Colbeck, typewritten on headed paper, ..
Image of Map of Scott and Amundsen's positions prior to the pole DUNIH 1.111
DUNIH 1.111
Document, sketch map and notes comparing Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen's (captain of th..
Image of Copy of letter written to Ernest Shackleton DUNIH 1.109
DUNIH 1.109
Letter, copy, written from William Colbeck to Ernest Shackleton, written on Colbeck's headed pap..
Image of Letter to Colbeck re Amundsen's dirty trick DUNIH 1.105
DUNIH 1.105
Letter, written by Sir Clements Markham (President of the Royal Geographical Society), 21 Eccleston ..
Image of Letter -Markham over doubts re. Shackleton's expedition DUNIH 1.099
DUNIH 1.099
Letter, typewritten copy, written by Sir Clements Markham (President of the Royal Geographical Socie..
Image of Envelope: 'Paper: Sir Clements Markham re Shackleton' DUNIH 1.098
DUNIH 1.098
Envelope, addressed to Lieutenant W. Colbeck, "Karmeene", 3 Salworthy Green, Childewall, Liverpool 1..
Image of The immortal story of Capt. Scott's Expedition DUNIH 1.078
DUNIH 1.078
Document, printed entitled 'The immortal story of Capt. Scott's Expedition - how five brave ..
Image of Obituary of William Colbeck from 'Seven Seas' magazine DUNIH 1.072
DUNIH 1.072
Magazine cutting, featuring the obituary of William Colbeck taken from the "Seven Seas" publication ..
Image of Map of British Antarctic Expedition 1907 DUNIH 1.069
DUNIH 1.069
Map. British Antarctic Expedition 1907. General map showing the explorations and surveys of the expe..
Image of Letter from Markham thanking Colbeck for diary extracts DUNIH 1.059
DUNIH 1.059
Letter, written by Sir Clements Markham on his crested paper to William Colbeck, address 21, Ecclest..
Image of Terra Nova's return DUNIH 1.056
DUNIH 1.056
Newspaper cutting, taken from the "Daily Telegraph", dated Tues., 28/03/1911. Article entitled: '..
Image of Captain Scott, South Pole DUNIH 1.055
DUNIH 1.055
Newspaper cutting, taken from the 'Daily Chronicle', dated 1912. Article is titled, 'Sou..
Image of Newspaper cutting: 'At the South Pole- British explorers' DUNIH 1.054
DUNIH 1.054
Newspaper cutting, taken from the "Daily Telegraph", dated 16/September/1903. The article is titled...
Image of Newspaper cutting re Colbeck's photo tribute to Scott DUNIH 1.047
DUNIH 1.047
Newspaper cutting, taken from "The Eastern Morning News", dated Tuesday 25/2/1912. The article is ti..
Image of Sir George Newnes Antarctic Expedition - Southern Cross DUNIH 1.046
DUNIH 1.046
Newspaper cutting, taken from "The Westminster Gazette", dated 19/8/1898. Article titled:- Sir Georg..
Image of William Spiers Bruce autograph DUNIH 1.039
DUNIH 1.039
Note re William Spiers Bruce, leader of "Scotia" expedition, (Scottish Antarctic Expedition 1902 - 1..
Image of Copy extracts of Colbeck's diary sent to Sir C. Markham DUNIH 1.019
DUNIH 1.019
Diary Extracts, copy of extracts of the diary of William Colbeck,10-16/2/1900. written during his t..
Image of Officers & Crew, Terra Nova, Scott's birthday dinner BER.2
Photograph, framed black and white, showing the crew and officers of ‘Terra Nova’ at din..
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