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Image of Pamphlet entitled Vegetable of Natural Dyeing in Wool. DUNIH 2020.61
DUNIH 2020.61
Pamphlet from Dryad Press entitled Vegetable of Natural Dyeing in Wool. Belonged to the Donor who..
Image of Thompson Shepherd Carpets DUNIH 2010.39
DUNIH 2010.39
Rug, jute back, corded wool weave in grey and brown pattern and text reading 'Thompson Shepherd ..
Image of Principles of Wool Combing DUNIH 412.1
DUNIH 412.1
Book, entitled "Principles of Wool Combing" by Howard Priestman, 1904, published by George Bell & So..
Image of Psychrometre readings DUNIH 396.3
DUNIH 396.3
Documents, two sheets of tables for the psychrometre (moisture test) readings,one relating to wool a..
Image of Electro-Psycrometer (moisture measurement- wool) DUNIH 326.2
DUNIH 326.2
Electro-Psycrometer, french manufactured moisture measurement device. Stored in a polished wooden ca..
Image of Film reel entitled "Operator Training 198" DUNIH 2006.1.28
DUNIH 2006.1.28
Film, 16mm, colour with sound entitled "Operator Training 198", dated circa 1960s. This lasts 20.27 ..