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The Curators' Choice

The Curators' Choice section is a group of objects from both the Verdant Works collection and the Discovery Point collection that the curators have chosen as some of their favourite items. They are not necessarily the most glamorous or the most famous but they have piqued the interest of the people who work with them and we hope that they will interest you too. This selection will be changed a few times a year.

Image of Aurora Australis K 14
K 14
Book, entitled the ‘Aurora Australis’ which was written, printed and bound (using broken..
Image of Leitz microscope W 79.133.19
W 79.133.19
Leitz microscope used by Captain Scott and his crew aboard the Dundee-built Terra Nova during the Na..
Image of Jute Sack dress associated with mock wedding tradition DUNIH 2018.4
DUNIH 2018.4
Jute sack dress presented to Moira Edwards in late 1961 before her wedding to Ian Stalker (Jan 1962)..
Image of Cop Apron DUNIH 509
Cop apron, made from a heavy jute canvas, worn by women working in the jute factories of Dundee. Tie..
Image of Roving Frame DUNIH 91
Roving Frame, machine used in the earlier stages of jute processing. Here the sliver (unspun raw jut..
Image of Jute Skirt with tulip design by Mary Quant DUNIH 308
Skirt, knee length skirt of woven jute, decorated with an applied stylised tulip in black felt on th..
Image of 1900 AA "Union Special" Sacksewing Machine DUNIH 316
Sack sewing machine, made by "Union Special", Style 1900 AA. Painted black and displayed on a wooden..
Image of Emperor Penguin DUNIH 2007.26
DUNIH 2007.26
Emperor penguin, collected as a specimen during the Terra Nova Expedition 1910-1912 it has been pres..
Image of Lt. R. W. Skelton's skis W 79.133.69
W 79.133.69
Pair of skis, wooden belonging to Lieutenant Reginald Skelton (chief engineer) and used as part of t..
Image of Snow Goggles with two extra lenses DUNIH 2016.30.6.2
DUNIH 2016.30.6.2
Snow goggles, belonging to Frank Plumley. The goggles are made up to two eyes cups of metal mesh and..