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Cigarette case owned by Captain Scott W 79.133.47

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Cigarette case owned by Captain Scott

Cigarette case, silver, owned by Captain Robert Falcon Scott for a cutter race upon the HMS Rover. Silver case in two pieces and hinged with retaining straps inside. The front is inscribed with Scott's name and the event he won at the Training Squadron Regatta in 1887 at St.Kitts. This case was awarded to an 18 year old Scott on the day he was first seen by Sir Clements Markham (President of the Royal Geographical Society and patron of the Britsih National Antarctic Expedition) who was later to determin his career as an Antarctic explorer when he appointed him captain of the Discovery.

Number: W 79.133.47
Name: Cigarette case owned by Captain Scott
Date: 1887
Location: In Store