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Discovery crew, 1901 WAR.1

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Discovery crew, 1901

Photograph, black and white, of Discovery crew at the stern of the ship. Taken in Lyttelton New Zealand, 1901 before setting sail from Antarctica. Stood on boom (left to right): Able Seamen G T Vince, William Peters, Frank Wild, Petty Officer Edgar Evans, Able Seamen John Walker, William Heald, Sailmaker Miler, Petty Officer W. Macfarlane, Carpenter Fred Dailey, 2nd Engineer James H. Dellbridge. (Left to right) on deck: Corporal A.H. Blissett, Able seamen Sinclair, Stoker W. Page, Able seamen James Dell, William Weller, Stoker Arthur Quartley, Petty Officer William Smythe, Able seamen Thomas Williamson, Petty Officer David Allan, Seamen Arthur Pilbeam.

Number: WAR.1
Name: Discovery crew, 1901
Date: 1900
Maker: Not Specified
Location: In Store