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Return of "Discovery" and relief ships DUNIH 1.041

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Return of "Discovery" and relief ships

Newspaper cutting, taken from "The Canterbury Times", dated 6/4/1904. Article title:- Back from the Antarctic: Return of Discovery and relief ships. List of illustrations include: 1. The Discovery, The Morning and The Terra Nova all docked at Lyttelton.

2. The Terra Nova labelled ‘The Terra Nova coming up the Harbour’.

3. The Discovery labelled ‘The Discovery coming up the Harbour’.

4. Three figures on the deck of a ship labelled, ‘The Mayor and Mayoress and Captain Colbeck’.

5. The hut at Hut Point labelled ‘The Living Hut’.

6. Two crew members digging a trench around the Discovery, labelled ‘The Trench Diggers’.

7. Tent made from the Discovery’s old sails, labelled ‘The Sail Tent’.

8. James Dell (seaman on the Discovery) and A.B. Cheetham (Bosun onboard the Morning) with dogs, labelled ‘The dog team harnessed for a journey’.

9. Both relief ships arriving in Winter Quarters Bay to aid the Discovery, labelled ‘The Relief Ships’.

10. Image of the Discovery trapped in pack ice. Belonging to a collection of papers associated with William Colbeck, Captain of the "Morning", which made two trips to Antarctica as a relief vessel for the "Discovery" during the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904.

Number: DUNIH 1.041
Name: Return of "Discovery" and relief ships
Date: 1904-04-06
Maker: Canterbury Times, The
Location: In Store