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Return of "Discovery" and relief ships DUNIH 1.045

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Return of "Discovery" and relief ships

Newspaper cutting, taken from "The Graphic", dated 17/9/1904. Article titled:- The return of the"Discovery" from the expedition to the Antarctic regions - Back from the Antarctic'. List of images includes: 1. Painting, black and white, drawn by Charles Dixon depicting the Discovery’s return to Portsmouth.

2. Painting, black and white, depicting three men seemingly in trouble as they ascend an ice ridge.

3. Painting, black and white, depicting crew members unloading supplies from the ship and setting up camp at Winter Quarters.

4. Painting, black and white, of three figures setting up a depot.

5. Photograph, black and white, taken by C. Pilkington of Captain Scott’s cabin in the Discovery.

6. Photograph of the ship’s officers and scientists taken 17 July 1901 (the day after Edward Wilson’s wedding) by Thomson photographs, Grosvenor Street. Front row (left to right) George Murray, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Lt. Albert Armitage, Lt. Charles Royds. Back Row (left to right) Dr. Edward Wilson, William Shackleton (face removed), Lt. Michael Barne, Cyril Longhurst (expedition secretary), Lt. Ernest Shackleton, Lt. Reginald Skelton, Thomas Hodgson, Reginald Koettlitz.

7. Photograph, black and white, depicting Captain Robert Falcon Scott at his desk.

8. Map showing the route of the Discovery as she reached the furthest point south reached by Commander Scott on the British Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904.

Belonging to a collection of papers associated with William Colbeck, Captain of the "Morning", which made two trips to Antarctica as a relief vessel for the "Discovery" during the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904.

Number: DUNIH 1.045
Name: Return of "Discovery" and relief ships
Date: 1904-09-17
Maker: Graphic, The
Location: In Store