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Tinder Box DUNIH 2019.39

Tinder Box

Tinder Box, small metal box inscribed on the front The Lovett Tinder Box : Best British Flint Steel for Africa and the colonies. Belonging to Frank Plumley (Stoker on board the Discovery Expedition 1901-1904) it contains flint, fire-steel and tinder which was used to start fires before matches were readily available.

Frank Plumley was one of the stokers on board Discovery during the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. Plumley joined Discovery from H.M.S Gibraltar at Capetown, South Africa. During the expedition he took an active part in the polar camp, taking part in practice runs to test equipment and sledging journeys. He was part of Lieutenant Barnes first attempt to reach Cape Crozier in March 1902, this journey struck trouble when a blizzard swept over the Hut Point Peninsula sending George Vince to his death. He later played a part in Captain Scotts Western Attempt in October 1903. After Discovery Plumley served on a served on a number of ships including Dreadnought, Venus and King George V. He saw active service with the Navy during World War I and returned to civilian life in 1919 where he was employed as a blacksmith at Gun Wharf in Portsmouth. Frank died in 1971, aged 95, in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Number: DUNIH 2019.39
Name: Tinder Box
Date: Not Specified
Location: In Store