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Image of Press release for ‘the Full-rigged ship "Sørlandet" Visits London 3 -6 June 1984 DUNIH 2022.4.1
DUNIH 2022.4.1
Press release for the Full-rigged ship "Srlandet" Visits London 3 -6 June 1984. It consists of one t..
Image of Plaque from HMS Scott DUNIH 2018.26
DUNIH 2018.26
Plaque gifted from HMS Scott, an Ocean survey vessel of the Royal Navy. The ship is named after Capt..
Image of Photograph of the crew of HMS Venus DUNIH 2016.30.21
DUNIH 2016.30.21
Photograph, black and white mounted on brown card, of Frank Plumley on board HMS Venus with crew mem..
Image of 'Jute Ship' by Allan Beveridge, dated 1977 DUNIH 2016.7.6
DUNIH 2016.7.6
Oil on canvas, entitled "Jute Ship, Dundee" by Allan Beveridge, dated 1977. Mounted and framed on da..
Image of Sail maker's palm protector DUNIH 2012.35
DUNIH 2012.35
Sail maker's palm protector. Leather with metal insert, hole for thumb. Stamped 'W. Smith & ..
Image of Backing plate for clock DUNIH 2010.41.3
DUNIH 2010.41.3
Shield shaped, wooden backing plate for mounting clock. Metal hanger at top, screws on front...
Image of Key for wall clock. DUNIH 2010.41.2
DUNIH 2010.41.2
Key, brass to wind wall clock..
Image of Wall clock DUNIH 2010.41.1
DUNIH 2010.41.1
Wall clock, marine style bearing a "Sestrel" trade mark. Made by "Henry Browne & Son Ltd/Barking & L..
Image of Dundee Clipper Line uniform button DUNIH 71
Button; brass button taken from a Dundee Clipper Line uniform with flag motif. Unclear lettering on ..
Image of Dundee Clipper Line DUNIH 41
Button; brass uniform button from a "Dundee Clipper Line"...
Image of City of London DUNIH 2009.38
DUNIH 2009.38
Painting of a ship "City of London" with Dundee in the background. Signed by the artist, J. McLaren..
Image of Seaman and Merchant's Complete Expeditious Measurer DUNIH 2008.150.1
DUNIH 2008.150.1
Book, a hardbound series of tables allowing calculations to be made for various volumes of container..
Image of From HMS Scott DUNIH 2006.2
DUNIH 2006.2
Plaque from HMS Scott, an Admiralty minesweeper (2nd vessel to be named this, 1937-1965). Wood back..
Image of Men on boat and a tanker DUNIH 2006.1.64
DUNIH 2006.1.64
Slides, colour (x 11), part of a collection of slides, contained in a blue and white plastic slide b..