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Terra Nova Rigging Plan DUNIH 2012.39.3

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Terra Nova Rigging Plan

Plan, rigging plan of Terra Nova, laid on canvas with a printed outline, coloured in yellow and blue wash, scale of 1.8 to 1 foot. The plan is inscribed To Cyril, from Uncle Alfred, British Antarctic Expedition, Terra Nova, June 1910. Inscribed by Alfred Buchanan Cheetham (1867-1918), as Alfred to his nephew Cyril, a resident of Penarth, who was presumably present to see the Terra Nova depart from Cardiff Dock in June 1910. Cheetham was boatswain on the expedition, having previously served on the Morning while it made two trips to Antarctica as a relief vessel for the "Discovery" during the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904 and as third officer and boatswain with Shackleton on both Nimrod and later Endurance.

Number: DUNIH 2012.39.3
Name: Terra Nova Rigging Plan
Date: 1910-06
Maker: Buchanan Cheetham, Alfred
Location: In Store