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Image of Receipt Book for Whale Lane Warehouse DUNIH 2017.33
DUNIH 2017.33
Receipt Book for Whale Lane Warehouse Company Limited, 11 Panmure Street, Dundee off Dock Street. Wh..
Image of Embroidered jute waistcoat DUNIH 2017.32
DUNIH 2017.32
Waistcoat, embroidered jute waistcoat. Grandmother of donor stitched this to learn new stitching met..
Image of 'The Fabric of Dundee' DUNIH 2017.31
DUNIH 2017.31
Book, 'The Fabric of Dundee' made from jute fabric containing memories commemorating the lin..
Image of Porter Gauge DUNIH 2017.30
DUNIH 2017.30
Porter Gauge, stainless steel tool used by tenters in the jute industry to test the quality of the m..
Image of Group of Weavers from Bowbridge Works, circa 1900s DUNIH 2017.27
DUNIH 2017.27
Photograph, sepia, mounted on card showing a group of weavers from Bowbridge Works, circa 1900s. Wom..
Image of Print showing hand spinning and handloom weaving DUNIH 2017.26
DUNIH 2017.26
Engraving, showing hand weaving and spinning. Originally published by R.F. MacKay, Dundee in Septemb..
Image of Plan - Floorplates and Handrail for New Trans House DUNIH 2017.23.6
DUNIH 2017.23.6
Plan, for Floorplates and Handrail for New Trans House. Marked Messrs A & S Henry Company, Ltd, Dund..
Image of Arrangement of printing machines on sewing flat plan DUNIH 2017.23.5
DUNIH 2017.23.5
Plan, for 'Arrangement of printing machines on sewing flat' by Messrs A+S Henry, Company Ltd..
Image of Yarn or Cotton Truck Plan DUNIH 2017.23.4
DUNIH 2017.23.4
Plan, for Yarn or Cotton Truck, dated 19th May 1911. Drawing number '37/11', scale 3'= 1..
Image of Building Plan - Proposed alteration of Warehouses DUNIH 2017.23.3
DUNIH 2017.23.3
Plan, 'Proposed Alteration of Warehouses', Messrs A&S Henry, Co Ltd, Liverpool, dated 1910. ..
Image of Arrangement of Finishing machinery and Packing Presses DUNIH 2017.23.2
DUNIH 2017.23.2
Plan, 'Arrangement of Finishing Machinery and Packing Presses' by Messrs A+S Henry and Compa..
Image of Wallace Foundry Plan, dated 24 July 1883 DUNIH 2017.23.1
DUNIH 2017.23.1
Plan, linen plan possibly of Wallace Foundry. Dated 24 July 1883...
Image of Jute napkin ring DUNIH 2017.22.4
DUNIH 2017.22.4
Napkin Ring, made from plaited jute rope. Part of a collections of jute craft products bought from H..
Image of Jute Flower Shapes DUNIH 2017.22.3
DUNIH 2017.22.3
Jute flower shapes with sequined centre. Part of a collections of jute craft products bought from Ho..
Image of 3 Jute Bows DUNIH 2017.22.2
DUNIH 2017.22.2
Bow, three jute bows with lace edging. Part of a collections of jute craft products bought from Home..
Image of Jute craft patches DUNIH 2017.22.1
DUNIH 2017.22.1
Fabric, jute craft patches, oval in shape. Part of a collections of jute craft products bought from ..
Image of 'Heckle' by Scott Hudson DUNIH 2017.21
DUNIH 2017.21
Print mounted between two Perspex sheets named 'Heckle' by artist Scott Hudson, Dundee Print..
Image of 'Found Tarot' by Rebecca Sharp DUNIH 2017.20
DUNIH 2017.20
Magazine, includes cards named 'Found Tarot 1' created by artist Rebecca Sharp and displayed..
Image of Booklet relating to Glenshee Fabrics DUNIH 2017.19.5
DUNIH 2017.19.5
Booklet, 'The Glenshee Embroidery Book', cover in blue and white with photograph of table wi..
Image of Sample booklet relating to Glenshee Fabrics DUNIH 2017.19.4
DUNIH 2017.19.4
Sample booklet, 'Glenshee for Embroidery, Glenshee Fabrics, manufactured by Richmond Brothers Ba..
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