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Image of Lego Model of the High Mill Glazed Alley DUNIH 2019.1
DUNIH 2019.1
Lego Model of the High Mill Glazed Alley. Made by donor (a part of the Tartan Lugs, a Lego user g..
Image of Invitation to Annual Dinner at Verdant Works DUNIH 2018.20.2
DUNIH 2018.20.2
Invitation, black and white, to an Annual Dinner held by Dundee Heritage Trust at Verdant Works, dat..
Image of Invitation to Supporters Evening at Verdant Works DUNIH 2018.20.1
DUNIH 2018.20.1
Invitation, colour folded A4, from Dundee Heritage Trust to a 'Supporters Evening' at Verdan..
Image of 'Verdant Jute' vessel by Jennifer Rochester DUNIH 2017.12.2
DUNIH 2017.12.2
Vessel, made of natural and green jute titled 'Verdant Jute' by local textile artist Jennife..
Image of 'Verdant Jute' vessel by Jennifer Rochester DUNIH 2017.12.1
DUNIH 2017.12.1
Vessel, made of natural jute and green Harris Tweed titled 'Jute Infusion' by local textile ..
Image of 'Tools of the Trade' by Elaine Fraser DUNIH 2017.11
DUNIH 2017.11
Print, 'Tools of the Trade' by textile artist Elaine Fraser. Mounted and framed this piece w..
Image of 'Oor Wullie'- Verdant Works Statue DUNIH 2017.3
DUNIH 2017.3
Statue of 'Oor Wullie' painted with a design based on Verdant Works High Mill Gallery by art..
Image of Screen print of the Frigate Unicorn with the tag of Pure Evil DUNIH 2016.39.3
DUNIH 2016.39.3
Screen print of Frigate Unicorn from a drawing by Lt. Col. Harold Wyllie with 'Pure Evil's&#..
Image of Screen print Dundee Law by Graffiti artist Pure Evil DUNIH 2016.39.2
DUNIH 2016.39.2
Screen print "Dundee Law", by Graffiti artist 'Pure Evil', featuring green "bunny" logo, was..
Image of Screen print Dundee Law by Graffiti artist Pure Evil DUNIH 2016.39.1
DUNIH 2016.39.1
Screen print "RRS Discovery", by Graffiti artist 'Pure Evil', featuring green "bunny" logo, ..
Image of Letter relating to the booklet Verdant Works, dated 10th September 1992 DUNIH 2016.38.2
DUNIH 2016.38.2
Letter from DIH Administration Assistant to Verdant Works Technical Group relating to the booklet "V..
Image of Booklet Verdant Works, dated 24th August 1992 DUNIH 2016.38.1
DUNIH 2016.38.1
Booklet "Verdant Works, development and business plan / Dundee Heritage Trust / Dundee industrial he..
Image of Letter from Charles Burley and Sons Ltd regarding a quote DUNIH 2016.14
DUNIH 2016.14
Letter, dated December 11th 1973 from Charles Burley and Sons Ltd. Metal Merchants of Hay Mill, Birm..
Image of Chalk Drawing of Verdant Works by Allan Beveridge, Dec 2014 DUNIH 2016.7.2
DUNIH 2016.7.2
Chalk Drawing, entitled "Verdant Works" by artist Allan Beveridge. Piece is mounted but unframed and..
Image of Wooden Barrow inscribed 'A. Thomson & Sons. Verdant Works' DUNIH 2015.35
DUNIH 2015.35
Barrow: for Jute, wood with metal leg stands and wheel. Painted on corner in gold 'A.Thompson & ..
Image of Half circular wooden  pattern stamped 'Verdant' DUNIH 2015.22
DUNIH 2015.22
Pattern: half circular, wooden, stamped '6 3/4 * 10 c1 Verdant; handwritten label reads 'one..
Image of Slate from Ballachulish Slate Quarries DUNIH 2015.5
DUNIH 2015.5
Slate: Slate marked with the registered trademark of the Ballachulish Slate Quarries. Also with deta..
Image of Bundle of Telegrams from Verdant Works Office DUNIH 2010.33.1
DUNIH 2010.33.1
Telegrams, bundle containing 63, signed 'Jamieson' dated 1957-1960. Taken from a box of misc..
Image of Telephone Box Shelf Bracket DUNIH 2010.14.1
DUNIH 2010.14.1
Shelf bracket for Period Office telephone box. Metal (perhaps wrought iron), faded green paint, arab..
Image of Telephone in wood case DUNIH 2010.13
DUNIH 2010.13
Telephone unit, with a wooden case to be wall mounted with an external bell (missing) bakelite and m..
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