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Calcutta Jute Industry Films DUNIH 2017.37.7

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Calcutta Jute Industry Films

Cine Films, 8mm, dated circa 1951 relating to Bob and Ella Hall, originally from Dundee who went to live out in Calcutta to work in the just industry. Adress on the films reads "Delta Mills, SanKrail, PO Howrah, West Bengal". Films wound on metal reels in yellow Kodak card boxes, most with 'Cine-Kodak'; Kodachrome Safety colour film for day light use in 'Cine-kodak, Eight', made in Rochester, N.Y., USA by Eastman Kodak Company, with 'TRADEMARK REG. US. PAT. OFF.'

From 'R.Hall, 41A Hill St, Dundee, Angus', to 'The Stiles garden, London, London Zoo'

Number: DUNIH 2017.37.7
Name: Calcutta Jute Industry Films
Date: 1951
Maker: Hall, Bob and Ella
Location: In Store