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Image of Sketch re. crew of Morning reaching Antarctica DUNIH 1.043
DUNIH 1.043
Newspaper cutting, unknown source, resembles "The Daily Graphic" in style titled 'Furthest South..
Image of Newspaper cutting re. dinner held in Colbeck's honour DUNIH 1.042
DUNIH 1.042
Newspaper cutting, taken from "The Eastern Morning News", Mon., 22/6/1902 and titled Antarctic explo..
Image of Return of "Discovery" and relief ships DUNIH 1.041
DUNIH 1.041
Newspaper cutting, taken from "The Canterbury Times", dated 6/4/1904. Article title:- Back from the ..
Image of Return of "Discovery" and relief ships DUNIH 1.040
DUNIH 1.040
Envelope, addressed to Captain W.R. Colbeck RNR FRICS, Toorak, Wethersfield Road, Noctorum L43 1UN c..
Image of William Spiers Bruce autograph DUNIH 1.039
DUNIH 1.039
Note re William Spiers Bruce, leader of "Scotia" expedition, (Scottish Antarctic Expedition 1902 - 1..
Image of Telegram sent by Markham congratulating Colbeck DUNIH 1.038
DUNIH 1.038
Telegram, from Sir Clements Markham to William Colbeck. Received Lyttelton 31/3/1904. Congratulating..
Image of Copy of report on the Morning's progress DUNIH 1.037
DUNIH 1.037
Letter, copy written from William Colbeck to The Antarctic Relief Committee. Written in Hobart, Tasm..
Image of Telegram congratulating Colbeck on a sucessful mission DUNIH 1.036
DUNIH 1.036
Telegram, sent from the Admiralty to William Colbeck. Received at Lyttelton on 3/4/1904. Congratulat..
Image of Tent design DUNIH 1.035
DUNIH 1.035
Letter, sent from Sir Leopold McClintock to Sir Clements Markham, 16 Queensbury Place S.W., dated 17..
Image of Printed instructions for voyage to Colbeck from Markham DUNIH 1.034
DUNIH 1.034
Letter, sent from Sir Clements Markham to William Colbeck, titled ''Instructions to the Comm..
Image of Sailing Orders for Discovery expedition DUNIH 1.033
DUNIH 1.033
Letter, printed in 'The Geographical Journal Vol. XX, No 2. London: The Royal Geographical Soci..
Image of Copy of McKay's sailing order sent to W.Colbeck DUNIH 1.032
DUNIH 1.032
Instruction letter. From the Admiralty to Henry McKay, copy for William Colbeck, dated 11/9/1903 wit..
Image of Instructions in case of Terra Nova & Morning seperation DUNIH 1.031
DUNIH 1.031
Instruction letter, copy. Sent from William Colbeck to Henry McKay, 4/12/1903. Revision of instructi..
Image of Letter from Lyttelton Harbour re. docking fees DUNIH 1.030
DUNIH 1.030
Invoice, sent from Lyttelton Harbour Board (New Zealand) to officer in charge "Morning", dated 20/8..
Image of Sailing orders for Captain MacKay re. Terra Nova DUNIH 1.029
DUNIH 1.029
Letter, instruction letter, copy. From Admiralty to Henry McKay, titled ''Sailing orders for..
Image of List of Morning crew awarded the polar bronze medal DUNIH 1.028
DUNIH 1.028
List of crew of the Morning awarded the Polar bronze medal. On Admiralty S. W. embossed paper. Recei..
Image of Envelope containg Captain McKay's letter to Colbeck DUNIH 1.027
DUNIH 1.027
Envelope, 'Morning' crested. Titled, ''Copy of Captain McKay's letter to Captain..
Image of Instructions in case of Terra Nova & Morning seperation DUNIH 1.026
DUNIH 1.026
Letter, sent from William Colbeck to Henry McKay, dated 4/12/1903. Revision of instructions in the e..
Image of Envelope from Lyttelton Harbour to William Colbeck DUNIH 1.025
DUNIH 1.025
Envelope, addressed to Captain Colbeck R.N.R. Commander of the Antarctic relief ship, Morning. Recei..
Image of Draft copy of telegram sent from the Morning, 1903 DUNIH 1.024
DUNIH 1.024
Telegram, (copy) relating to the events and wellbeing of the "Morning", Spring, 1903. Sent by Willia..
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