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'Oor Wullie'- Verdant Works Statue DUNIH 2017.3

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'Oor Wullie'- Verdant Works Statue

Statue of 'Oor Wullie' painted with a design based on Verdant Works High Mill Gallery by artist Pam Kelly. Figure sits on a blue bucket decorated with a painting of the flywheel from the Boulton and Watt displayed in the High Mill on one side and a sketch of Verdant Works on the other side. Oor Wullie is decorated with the High Mill's roof trusses (vest front) and a depiction of the Verdant Works main gate (vest back). Yarn bobbins and machinery pieces are seen on the arms and legs. Wullie's hands and face are decorated with a woven jute pattern. Label on left hand knee reads 'They fairly mak ye work' a line from Mary Brooksbank's 'Jute Mill Song'. Statue relates to the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail exhibited 27th June to 27th August 2016. This featured 55 full size Oor Wullie Statues painted by different artist and displayed around Dundee. These were then auctioned off to raise money for the Archie Foundation Charity. The Verdant Works design was one of two submitted by Pam Kelly her other 'Yarn Bombed Wullie' was chosen to be included in the final trial and exhibited outside the Ardler Community Centre.

Number: DUNIH 2017.3
Name: 'Oor Wullie'- Verdant Works Statue
Date: 09-2016
Maker: Kelly, Pam
Location: In Store